Full project outsourcing

ADVANCE your software engineering

As an extending on the Remote Teaming service or as a special service we offer is the implementation of software development projects for your needs. Using high technical expertise and a unique blend of technologies, we work with you to design, develop, implement and maintain software solutions. We offer a full range of software development services, using modern project management methodologies.

We offer a unique mix of competencies in project management, development methodologies, technical skills, as well as a selection of technologies and development tools, which enables us to respond to your needs throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

Complex software solutions

Our extensive / extended experience and the quality of our teams contribute to increasing the quality of complex software solutions for our users, as well as improving the productivity of their work.


INNOSMART can build a software development team abroad that becomes part of your company and is managed by you - with our help. You get a higher quality product made by a dedicated workforce that is within budget. Learn more about our business model in 90 seconds.


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