Q/A outsourcing


Software testing and verification is one of the key stages in the development process of any software project. The need for quality software and good testing is constant and does not depend on the type of the software and the chosen technology.

Our teams work closely with the development teams from the very beginning of the development cycle. It is not only a matter of reporting mistakes, but writing unitary tests and discussing about acceptance requests. This helps to resolve unwanted situations, leading to more efficiency and quick feedback for all involved parties. It also results in error identification in the early stages and eventually leads to minimizing errors and stable products.

Complex software solutions

Our extensive / extended experience and the quality of our teams contribute to increasing the quality of complex software solutions for our users, as well as improving the productivity of their work.


INNOSMART can build a software development team abroad that becomes part of your company and is managed by you - with our help. You get a higher quality product made by a dedicated workforce that is within budget. Learn more about our business model in 90 seconds.


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